Saturday, November 24, 2007

Little Nest (CLOSED)

UPDATE (08/02/14): Little Nest is now closed. :(
Little Nest, just off Commercial Drive, is a beautifully-designed space specializing in breakfast and lunch for BIG and LITTLE kids. Their menu is short, but well rounded. I had the Mushroom, Leek, Potato Fritatta with Pesto which comes with a simple side salad. A good deal at only $8. Other menu items include Rice Pudding, Muesli, French Toast and Eggs with Toasted Soldiers - all presented with a gourmet twist (such as bananas, coconut caramel and cinnamon whipped cream atop the french toast).

What makes this place so unique is that it is designed equally for parents and little ones. There is a play area with toys, lots of high chairs and room for strollers. Being someone who doesn’t have children, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the atmosphere was actually relaxing and comforting even in the midst of child haven – almost like being in the living room of Grandma’s house. I enjoyed a conversation with the family at the next table, especially because their daughter was so open and friendly. She offered me some of her goldfish crackers, very nice.

There are some fresh baked goods, as well. I took the Banana, Walnut, Chocolate Chunk Muffin to go – mmmmm. The menu also has a small, but tasty looking, selection of sandwiches all made organic white or multigrain baguettes, plus salads and a daily soup. I look forward to coming back for lunch!

1716 Charles Street
Breakfast hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


pharmasaveonthedrive said...

The food at Little Nest is creative, delicious, and I feel happy just thinking about it. Their frittata is heaven, eggs cooked to perfection and lined with yummy potatoes. Their warm goat cheese beet salad is one of my favorites. It is a meal in itself with a beautiful dollop of hummus on the bottom. I look forward to their rotating soup menu. Wonderfully nourishing and warm on cool days.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Little Nest is no longer in business. *SOB*