Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunshine Diner

The Sunshine Diner has that ‘new-old’ 50s diner retro look complete with checkered floors, formica tabletops and red vinyl booths. Everyone likes to sit in a booth, right? The service was quick, which is good as lineups are standard on the weekends here. In my research of breakfast, I have found that on weekends, 10:00 a.m. seems to be the magic cutoff time. Show up at 9:45 and you’re seated, 10:00 lineup.

The menu is deep with omelette and benny options. My choice was the Romero Benny which involved cream cheese, avocado and tomato. And, of course, I ordered the additional “famous home fries”. While I did not know they were famous, I do agree that they could be. One of the top 3 (or maybe 4) versions of potato sides I’ve come across so far. They also offer a couple of diner-esque items, my partner ordered the Breakfast Burger – two eggs and sausage between a toasted bun.

Quote of the day by a 6-year-old at the next table: “Dad, some people SUCK at things even though they say they ROCK!”

2756 West Broadway
Breakfast hours: All day, every day

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