Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dutch Wooden Shoe Café

Although the Canada Line construction along the Cambie corridor has wreaked havoc on the local businesses, I have high hopes for the re-emergence of the Cambie Village once the construction is complete. Throughout it all, however, the Dutch Wooden Shoe Café has remained stalwart.

For those of you who are overwhelmed by choice, be prepared, the breakfast menu here is HUGE! There are 93 pannekoek options alone (I counted). Plus specials, plus egg dishes, plus waffles, plus cereals (hot and cold). My selection today was Pannekoek #5 (cinnamon apples, grilled onions and spek) served with stroop. I loved it, it was the perfect solution to my constant conundrum of savoury versus sweet. What I enjoyed most were the new flavours. Yes, it was just bacon, pancakes and syrup, but the Dutch variants were foreign to my taste buds.

A brief dissertation on Dutch breakfast:
Pannekoek = 12-inch, thin pancake made without sugar. Served flat, you are supposed to arrange your goodies and roll it up crepe-like.
Spek = Dutch bacon, very good!
Stroop = Dutch molasses-based syrup, very intensely flavoured.

Note: folks at the next table were ooohing and aaahing their way through their waffles – next time!

3292 Cambie Street
Breakfast hours:


suggah said...

Thanks to this post, we made our way here on Sunday. YUM!! Thanks! a rolling stone. said...

SO STOKED i found this blog.
geez. finally someone who has done this! thanks so much!! will be back.

In Search of Breakfast said...

Welcome aboard, Rolling Stone.
Happy Breakfasting.