Saturday, September 27, 2008

Melriches Coffee House

My partner: “I’d like to have an Italian for breakfast.”
The server: ”Who wouldn’t, honey?!”
My partner: “Oh, I mean I’d like to have the Italian Breakfast.”

We did have the Italian for breakfast, the Italian sausage, that is. Spicy! The breakfast comes with multigrain toast, scrambled eggs, home fries and sides of PB & J. Their small, but all-day breakfast menu carries a few signature items – the breakfast sandwich, the breakfast croissant and the breakfast quesadilla. Also available are homemade-looking muffins, cinnamon buns and paninis.

This coffee house (serving Bean Around the World coffee) is full of local flavour. It’s busy, the music is loud, the staff are run off their feet – and yet, it’s relaxing. As we sat waiting for our food, we marvelled at the mysteries of the Universe. Have you ever noticed how when people show up somewhere, it just flows? In the hour we sat there, it felt like at least a hundred people must have come in and out, but could you imagine if all 100 people decided to show up at the exact same time? Wouldn’t that be funny? Well, if you were wanting your morning coffee, maybe not so funny.

1244 Davie Street
Breakfast hours: All day, every day


Anonymous said...

yep that would be us!
next time you should get the morning glory hole

metileno said...

Yay for writing this blog! I plan to look around your blog a bit more.. I went here this morning and had the eggs on and open croissant, with black forest ham, tomatoes and other veggies, and melted cheese on top.. yummy stuff!