Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helen’s Grill

The road to Helen’s was paved with good intentions... and lots and lots of snow! Woohoo! This blessed snow did not stop breakfast lovers from making it to Helen’s today, the place was packed.

There’s only one way to describe Helen’s – old school. In the best way. The decor is dated, the menu is dated, the music is dated, the tableware is dated, and it is awesome. Ordering couldn't be any more straight forward – drink: coffee, eggs: scrambled, toast: brown. But what really makes Helen’s great is not Helen, but Val. She basically takes care of the entire place, and she does it cheerfully with that dry wit you’d expect from someone who’s been working a joint like this for quite awhile.

Featured bonus: heated washrooms.

4102 Main Street
Breakfast hours:

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