Sunday, June 28, 2009

Benny’s Café (nee Benny’s Bagels)

Benny’s was a frequent post-party hangout in my UBC days of yore. And although I haven’t been here since then (geez – it’s been a long time), the inside still felt the same – funky and laid-back. I was fondly recalling vivid memories of my university roommates who used to sway and stumble in line with me in those days. Ah, youth.

Surprisingly the bagels are better than I remembered. There is a great selection of sandwiches and melts which come on your choice of bagel. Our Breakfast Sandwich on Sesame and Corned Beef Sandwich on Sesame offered just the right amount of sustenance for us to head off and peruse the Kits Farmers Market.

2505 West Broadway
Breakfast hours:

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