Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hilary’s Café (CLOSED)

Update (05/11/10): Hilary's is closed.
In a previous decade, I worked as a graphic designer. And in that biz, I worked with numerous print shops, which ranged from high-end fine printers, to the one’s which we termed the “cheap and cheerfuls”. Meaning that we got what we paid for and did not have any expectations outside of having the job be quick, easy, and pleasant. This is Hilary’s to me – “cheap and cheerful”. On offer are selections of omelettes served up with a side of home fries, sausage or bacon, and your choice of bagel and cream cheese for just under $8.

Also in a previous decade, I lived in the West End and have been witness to the many incarnations of ownership of this little spot. Over the years it has kept it’s small coffee shop look and feel. The best part is the small street-side patio with the view of English Bay. Today, the patio served us well – some traffic to drown out the noise of our chatter. Girls gotta gab, right?

1184 Denman Street
Breakfast hours:


Allison said...

do you have a contact email on this blog. im at out of towners coming to vancouver and i have some eating questions.

Anonymous said...

I could die that this place closed. Every time I drove up from Seattle, I patronized this place--and every person I sent there loved it as well. Serious loss.