Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Well

I would have loved to learned more of the backstory of The Well, but I didn't have my detective hat on today. All I know is that it's relatively new - been open since September – and that it's chef-owned.

I believe it is a chef with some skill as demonstrated by our perfectly cooked eggs. My Florentine Eggs Benedict was topped with soft-poached, oozing eggs, as they should be. My friend ordered medium-poached eggs and they arrived exactly as ordered. Nice. As well, I ordered my English muffin to be "well toasted" and it actually was! I always make this request and am very happy when I find that my preference hasn't fallen on deaf ears. Another friend was quite happy with her waffle.

The space is casual. Perfect for just rolling out of bed and walking up the street to meet your friends. I felt like I was in my Auntie's rec room from my childhood, especially given the amount of children that were also present.

3040 Main Street
Breakfast hours:


Adoptive Canuck said...

hey! how are you?
your blog is my 'go to blog' for breakfast around vancouver -
i loved the twisted fork - thanks to your review - anymore out there like that - i'm defintely a fan of the 'complimentary bread, cake or something' with the breakfast too!!


In Search of Breakfast said...

Hi Michelle,

Nice of you to leave a message! I do find Twisted Fork to be one of a kind, I can't think of any other places quite like it. However, if you're looking for the complimentary goods, have you tried brunch at Nu? We received complimentary hot chocolate and scones!

Happy breakfasting.