Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yew Restaurant (at the Four Seasons)

My friend and I both had much to celebrate recently so we thought we would be decadent and partake in the brunch buffet at the Four Seasons. When we arrived, we realized that they are no longer serving their amazing buffet. Wah! Nevertheless, one hardly has to “make do” at the Four Seasons.

Because we had “saved up” for the buffet, we were hungry. We each had our own meal and shared a “dessert”. My Eggs Cocotte with creamed spinach and tomatoes were meant to be dipped into with my crispy serrano ham wrapped toast. My friend enjoyed her Wild Mushroom, Asparagus and Goat Cheese Omelette. To share we had the Raisin Brioche French Toast.

Even though food is an essential part of any celebration, buffet or no buffet, I am always reminded that it is people who make every experience truly special.

791 West Georgia Street (enter on Howe Street)
Brunch hours: Saturday/Sunday: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Michelle Tchea said...

you are my go to blog when it comes to breakfast - it's great, but you are so.... emmm.. too nice! do you ever not like a place? haha!
yew restaurant is silly for stopping their buffet.. i've been calling and 'abusing' them about it but atlas, they won't fix the problem.....
i'm leaving vancouver - where would you suggest i go for a decent breakfast to finalise a fun time here? - is medina worth it?

Anonymous said...

You mean 'make do' not make due as posted.

Anyway Thanks for the info-much appreciated.

In Search of Breakfast said...

Thanks for the correction, anonymous!

In Search of Breakfast said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comment. You did notice what many seem to miss which is that from the beginning I wanted to be an adventurer, not a critic. As I set out, my intention was to only notice and write about the things I like about a place. What I learned along the way is that intention is powerful. This attitude has changed my life, knowing that by walking into any situation seeking the positive, that's what I experience.

Sorry to hear you're leaving Vancouver, and, YES, if you haven't yet been to Medina, I would definitely recommend it as your "last hurrah"! Best to you.

HollyandHolly said...

Hey there, HollyandHolly here. I just noticed a new breakfast joint on Dunbar, just south of 16th, on the east side of Dunbar. I can't remember the name--I think it has a generic name like, "Breakfast All Day."Any chance you've been there? Do you recommend? Thanks,


In Search of Breakfast said...

Hi Holly,

Are you the other Holly from HollyandHolly? I believe the place you are talking about is Jethro's Fine Grub. There was a Holly who already left a comment under that post and I responded on your blog.

Anyway, yes, Jethro's is one of my favourites (check it out under My Favourites list. But as I've learned, everyone likes different things. Do try it out.

Rick Chung said...

Dinner at YEW ::