Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floyd’s Diner (Victoria)

A quick visit with my Mom in Victoria on our way to camping at Nitinat Lake yielded a breakfast stop at Floyd’s. Random celeb photos hanging on the walls mixed with the odd biker paraphernalia equals casual breakfast joint. Our server was very friendly and accommodating when my Mom asked to take pictures of her tattoos.

The menu is the typical 4-pager with multiple classic breakfast, benny, and omelette options. The highlight of the meal was my Mom’s American Idol Benny. Mostly because if you knew my Mom, you would know how obsessed she is with American Idol and when she saw this item on the menu, there was no other choice. She agreed that the description was accurate, “After this your hunger, like the winners, will fade into obscurity”.

866 Yates Street, Victoria, BC
Breakfast hours:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a delicious treat out! As well as the delight of having you home, this Benny had as many ingredients as American Idol has talent (or "variety", whichever way you look at the show. lol).
Tomato, avocado, bacon, brie, feta and herb pesto hollandaise and a load of pan-fried potatoes. and it all appeared 10 minutes from order time. I was stuffed! Yum! The waitress was indeed a joyful young lady.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that your mom commented on this!
I love floyds. Very impressed with the amount of seating the in waiting area where you can enjoy your coffee before entering into a world of great dish options and unlimited substitutions for you're breakfast.