Sunday, October 23, 2011

Café Katzenjammer

Ghost story or fairy tale? Up until recently, this restaurant sat abandoned for four years and locals created their own myths about why. Some felt the place was mysteriously deserted, aprons left hanging over the chairs and dishes on tables as though the customers and staff disappeared one night never to return. Others believed that, having amassed his fortune, the owner returned to his native Germany to live in his Bavarian castle. A visit today to Café Katzenjammer dispelled both stories. The truth is much simpler (it always is). The owner of the restaurant is also the owner of the building and made a decision a while back that he needed a break from the business and shut the doors.

After breakfast today, we were both glad to see its reactivation. My Brat and Eggs and his Big Bavarian Breakfast were hearty, generous in portion, and delivered on flavour, especially the meat and potatoes. Recommended are the ham and bratwurst, and the pan fried potatoes and the potato pancakes. Extras like sour cream, apple sauce, and mustard accent the German influence on the meals.

4441 West 10th Avenue
Breakfast hours: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday/Sunday only

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Monty Ehrich said...

Ich hab dort zum letzten Mal 2003 gegessen. Es war wunderbar!
Ich freu mich schon drauf, wieder dabei zu sein.