Sunday, April 1, 2012

Skylight Restaurant

This morning, as I was perusing my list of potential breakfast destinations, from over my shoulder my guy said, “how hard can it be to find a place to get bacon and eggs?” OK, I thought, he’s in the mood to go to his comfort zone, what I refer to as a “happy-pappy” place. You know the one, where solo diners (especially men, such as the guy we ended up chatting with, who lives out of his backpack, travels with his dog, and carries his money in a sock) feel comfortable to go, read a paper, get a simple breakfast and drink an unembellished cup of coffee.

When we sat down in our red leather booth under the florescent lights and my guy looked happy, I knew I had hit the mark. He really perked up when he saw the Ukrainian Sausage Breakfast Special with eggs, hash browns and toast for $4.50. At $5.25, my Pancakes and Sausages were also easy on the sock.

Greasy spoon. Happy pappy.

1012 Commercial Drive
Breakfast hours: All day, Daily

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Anonymous said...

For the $ +
owner / operator they eat same food they sell = enjoy this kind of remaining family style greasy spoon is perhaps cheaper than making your own !!!