Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hot Chocolate Festival 2013

This falls a little outside the realm of breakfast, however, for the last few weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, several bakeries, cafés, and chocolatiers have been participating in the 3rd annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, hosted by City Food Magazine. There were over 60 flavours available, I had the opportunity to try eight different offerings, and was so impressed by the diversity and creativity, I wanted to give the artisans and the event a small shout-out.

While I enjoyed each chocolatey concoction for its own uniqueness, there were a few standouts. The owner at Leonidas shared her brainchild, which wasn’t even on the festival menu. The Boho consisted of dark chocolate with turmeric, pepper, peppermint, and honey. It sounds a little strange, but it was outstanding. Imagine earthy, spicy mint chocolate. Not surprisingly, Thierry Chocolaterie produced a divine drink, the Oh Canada!, maple pecan hot chocolate. The other that made me swoon was Beaucoup Bakery’s Joy + Salt, salted caramel milk hot chocolate.

Looking forward to trying more at next year’s event.

For descriptions of the others, visit Photos.
Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2013


Murray A said...

Now that you're on Bowen Island, you gotta tell the world about Coca West's amazing hot chocolate!

In Search of Breakfast said...

Hi Murray, absolutely! Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Happy breakfasting.