Wednesday, January 15, 2014


One of my dear friends and her hubby just bought their first house, making the leap from their rooftop Yaletown condo to the grassy plains of East Van. I thought it would be a fun introduction to her new ’hood for us to visit Graze.

Neither of us is vegan, but both appreciate good food whatever form it takes. If asked before brunch, I would have told you that we wouldn’t consider ourselves to be picky eaters. But ordering felt like we were participating in some sketch comedy about two stereotypical, fanatical vegans. My friend shies away from tofu, which the menu here relies upon. We wondered about replacing this with that or that with this. Our server graciously smiled through it all and then whisked herself away to the kitchen to ask what our options were. Turns out they were very accommodating. Eventually, my friend made it easy and chose the Vegetable Hash with peppers, potatoes, zucchini and black beans – no tofu in sight. I, myself, will eat almost anything, or so I thought. I wanted the Smoked Tofu Benny. I was intrigued by the smoky eggplant “bacon” and the avocado cashew crème “hollandaise”, but the benny came atop a caraway biscuit. Due to an unfortunate caraway incident in childhood, it is one of the very few edibles that even the mention of makes me queasy. Again, the kitchen was very obliging and replaced the biscuit with slices of their homemade sourdough bread, fresh out of the oven no less.

We were right to ask for exactly what we wanted because, in the end, we were happy.

3980 Fraser Street
Brunch hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely review. So glad you liked Greaze as much as we do :-)

Anonymous said...

Woops on the typo! I misspelled Graze in my last post. Almost looked like I was disparaging them :-P

In Search of Breakfast said...

Hi M, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. :) Happy breakfasting!